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Witch's Ladders
wyckedwitch wrote in wyckedscraft
This week my Monday Night Practical Magic group created Witch's Ladders. Did you know that witch's ladders were traditionally used for cursing? Me either.  I did a bit of research on their history and it is actually quite interesting.

I had always heard of them but somehow had missed out on making them.  We felt particularly crafty after this interesting endeavor.  We also wrangled some healing energy for the sick daugther of one of our group and put into flowers that will go to her this evening.

I am really loving our crafty Monday's.  Starting the week off with meditations, craftyness and good friends is for the win :)

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I received my package in the mail... I am honored and tickled! What fun. Perhaps this weekend is the perfect time to work with it...

And see this time I didn't even let you spill it all over creation :)

I am glad you like it and hope it helps.

Much Love

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