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Practical Magic Monday - Banishment With A Bang
wyckedwitch wrote in wyckedscraft
When we come together for the purpose of magic, for the purpose of touching the sacred, we open ourselves to the amazing.

Last nights magical crafting was about banishing.  I saved fireworks from the 4th so that was where the bang came in.  The magical concept itself that we were working with was very interesting and we had in depth conversation about banishment and the ethical ramifications regarding using it towards people.  Last night was about banishing things, emotions, habits, etc. not people, but it was and is always interesting to hear and learn from others perspectives. In relation to this we also discussed binding vs. banishing.

As we had first time attendandts we also discussed again what sacred space is and means for each person and what needs to happen or be brought into our space for it to be sacred to each person.  K's discussion of the sacred in beekeeping was awesome.

After the creation of sacred space and discussion of the magic we worked our spells and headed out doors. After banishing what each of us needed to with fire and gunpowder <grin> the sky almost immediately began to shake and light up as a storm settled in (Go new moon magic on a Monday!).   Heading back inside each person pulled a Tarot card for the evening and they were all distinctly themed and the theme was change.  I pulled Death. 

We went on to begin discussing The Body Sacred, our book of the more than a month lol.  I look forward to working with some of the meditations in this book.

Next weeks magic will be Kitchen Magic as it is the time of the year to work with fall seeds.  K suggested both summer and animal magic so we are mulling over the animal magic as none of us has been particularly called to it before.

The evening concluded with an interesting interfaith discussion as we had a Buddhist contingent interesting in learning more about Pagans who approach their faith a little more intensley.  This was one of my favorite parts of the evening as we discussed many aspects about ourselves, our paths, our approach to our faiths and community.

I wish I could put a bit of the over all magic of the evening into words, but truly you had to be there.  What I love is that the magic is as much in the people and the moment as the action.

Blessed Be


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