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Practical Magic Mondays - Book Selection
wyckedwitch wrote in wyckedscraft

Amongst our other fun Magical Monday events we are also going to be discussing a book a month, generally pagain in orientation but it can also be something that simply moves you spiritually.

This months selection is The Body Sacred by Dianne is a blurb from the book.

"I call for women to stand up and reaffirm their Goddess given beauty no matter how short, fat, old, or imperfect we think we are.  Each of us is touched and blessed by the Divine, no matter what we look like. Our task is to remember this, and to live it.  For most of us, it is the hardest and most rewarding magic we will ever do.

I wrote The Body Sacred because women will never truly win the fight for equality unless we first stop attacking ourselves.  As Wiccans, we have many gifts in our hands to help us on this quest; our view of the universe as a manifestation of the Goddess and God - and our ability to help shape the unfolding of that universe - is the greatest gift of all.  I hope that, after reading this book, you can look into the mirror of your body and spirit, and see the Goddess looking back."   Dianne Sylvan

Each chapter also includes spells, rituals, myths, and meditations while exploring six divine female archetypes.


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