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A.M. Thoughts
wyckedwitch wrote in wyckedscraft

A.M. Thoughts
I don't know about y'all but Monday's aren't my favorite thing to
necessarily wake up to.  The weekend has ended and I am about to
return to the mundane work world. A world for which I am deeply
gratefull as it provides for us but none the less, I would still
rather be in the weekend.

This Monday morning I am reminded that there is this small space
inbetween dreaming and waking that is but a breath of time, but it is
an amazing place and a chance for a little bit of magic.

In this inbetween space we still know, not believe, but know that all
things are possible.  We can wrap ourselves up in possibility and
start our days on the right side of the bed by choice not chance. When
we start our days from this place of inspiration, hope and energy our
entire day can transform before our feet have even touched the ground
and that is the point no part of us has touched the ground yet.

This waking moment is an interesection of the body, soul and mind. It
is the heartbeat of light and inspiration and when we choose to
embrace that space and start there, how can the day before us not be
an adventure worth taking?


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